25 Years of Pokémon: Summary of the Pokémon Direct


What’s up trainers? Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, and The Pokémon Company has decided to grace us with a Direct today. It’s a tad early so I know a lot of people are still asleep. In case you’re a late sleeper or have no interest in watching a full video, I’ll break it all down into writing for you. If you’re reading this and finding out for the first time that there was a direct today, no worries. You can watch the video here.

Beginning Sequence:

The video begins with a montage of Pokémon throughout the years. It showcases the new features displayed throughout the years including new technology, game titles, advances in the trading card game, anime through the years, and even merchandise that has been released. It’s a really cute homage to the progress this franchise has had. To think I used to play Ruby and FireRed on the Gameboy Advance SP is near unthinkable.

The nostalgia given by the opening sequences of these Pokémon directs always hit close to home. I enjoy watching my childhood franchise grow alongside me.

Pokémon Snap:

New Pokémon Snap™ for Nintendo Switch

Our first showcase of the direct is Pokémon Snap. This is a Nintendo Switch game which is essentially a sequel to the original Pokémon Snap on the Gamecube. You play a researcher who is tasked with going out and taking photos Pokémon in their natural habitats. Honestly? This game looks amazing. I was never one for the non-RPG Pokémon titles, but this game is so well made. There are so many features to it that make me want to go out and take as many photos as possible…in the game of course. Your photos get graded based on the unique factors involved in them. If Pokémon are performing special activities or if you decide to make them glow with Lumino Orbs, you’ll likely get a higher grade. I’ll be getting this for sure.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl announced for Switch -  Nintendo Everything

YES SIR!!! We get our first look at the HIGHLY anticipated and largely coveted 4th Generation remakes. It looks incredibly faithful and I’m very happy about it. The games were remade in a 3D 8-bit style, with upgraded sprites and battle graphics. They even brought back the Underground feature!!!

One critique that I’ve been seeing is that the remake looks TOO faithful. From what we’ve seen, this game looks like a near exact port from the DS. It doesn’t showcase anything all too new other than the console it’s being released on. I can understand the negative sentiment towards this sort of money grab, but I’m still very happy. Everyone is entitled to how they feel and I’m more than likely the irrational one here, but I’ve been waiting so long for this that I hardly even care.

All in all, I’m very excited for this and I know a lot of other people are as well. If you’re excited too, fret not…it’s set to release later this year.

But wait, what’s this???

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an open-world RPG coming to the Switch - The  Verge

I have never had a love at first sight quite like this. Pokémon Legends looks like a modern free-roam game that fans have only longed for. You can sneak around in grass, dive into adjacent bushes, catch wandering Pokémon unsuspected, and battle with your partners in the wild as well. The graphics look better than Sword and Shield too, so you can count on me buying this game no questions asked. We’re waiting for more news, but you can expect this game to release in early 2022.

And that’s all for now ladies and gents. Any thoughts? Comment below or hit us up on our socials to express your excitement or air out your grievances! And also, keep an eye on our social media if you’re a Pokémon Trading Card Game fan. We’re going to be doing a giveaway soon so follow us and stay vigilant!


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