A Noob’s Survival Guide to R6:Siege Pro League; Part 2


Welcome back noobs! The first week of games are over, and it’s my job to get you up to speed by the time of the Six Invitational! So let’s stop wasting time and get right into it!

LATAM– Latin America region. Oh boy this one’s a doozy. LATAM is an all-encompassing term for the Latin America region. The LATAM R6 scene consists of the Brasileirão, Sudamericano, and Mexicano leagues, each league being a different region within Latin America. The top 6 teams from Brasileirão, the top 2 teams from Sudamericano, and the top 2 teams from Mexicano will go on to compete in the Copa Elite Six which will serve as the Major/Playoffs for the entire LATAM region. The big prize for the Copa Elite will be 72,500 USD and a whopping 610 Six Invitational qualifying points.

Brasileirão- The Brazil scene of Rainbow Six. Historically the entire LATAM scene of Rainbow Six were only Brazilian teams, yet this will be the first time that Brazil will have an entire competitive season all to itself. Well officially have it all to itself. The top 6 teams here go on to compete in the Copa Elite Six. This off season also saw the entire region get turned on its head. Entire rosters were traded, dropped, picked up, and everything in between. Team One sold their whole roster to MIBR, MIBR sold 4 of their 5 players to Faze Clan, Faze Clan dropped 4 of their 5 players and three of those players were picked up by Black Dragons, and a partridge in a pear tree. That didn’t even encompass all of the trades that were made. So as for teams to watch in the Brasileirão scene, that’s pretty much impossible to say because entire rosters were swapped around. But based on Week 1 results alone (so take this with a grain of salt) the teams to watch are Faze Clan (Faze), Black Dragons (BD), W7M Gaming (W7M), and Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP). Yup, you read that right.  Ninjas in Pajamas are called NiP.

Sudamericano- One of the brand new scenes to Pro League Siege. The Sudamericano League encompasses all of South America with the exception of Brazil. Not much more to say for this particular region as everything about is it new.  

Mexicano– The last region within the LATAM scene. Mexicano, if the name wasn’t a big enough hint, is the R6 scene for Mexico. Just like Sudamericano, it’s a new region with not much known about it. It is worth noting though that the former Estral Esports roster did just fall short of qualifying for the Six Invitational, yet the organization has since been banned from all competitive Rainbow Six Events due to a match fixing scandal.  

APAC- The last corner of the world is the APAC region which stands for Asia Pacific. So essentially its Asia, and countries like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. If you thought LATAM had a lot of sub regions, well don’t worry anymore. APAC was just recently condensed into two sub regions, APAC North and APAC South. APAC as a whole also works slightly differently than the other regions. The top three teams from North and the top three from South will compete in the playoffs for prize money and Six Invitational points. The last two spots in the APAC playoffs will go the winners of the South Asia Nationals which will happen at the end of each stage of the season. This is for the teams who live in countries/regions that are not big enough to host their own competitive scene yet, and may also serve as a last shot for any team that didn’t do well enough in the regular season. Top teams to watch in this region include Fnatic, Cyclops Gaming (Cyclops), Xavier Esports (Xavier), and Fav Esports (Fav). 


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