Brasileirão R6: Siege Lunacy: A Look Into LATAM


Welcome everybody to the LATAM region. We haven’t been here yet, but oh boy it’s crazy here. As I wrote this article, the Brasileirão region is gearing up for a non-stop, full-on mad dash of games this weekend starting tomorrow, April 16th and going on through Sunday. This region is close and the top six teams are competing for a spot in the Copa Elite Six with upsets every single week so far. There isn’t much time before the madness begins, so let’s quickly get you all caught up on the standings and what to watch out for this weekend!

Team Liquid: 1st Place, 16 Points

Liquid have just been on fire this season. They only have one loss on the season, and it was an overtime loss to regional rival Faze Clan, meaning they still walked away with a point. Liquid just can’t seem to lose, as they have steamrolled nearly every team in this region who gets in their way. Out of Liquid’s three games this weekend, the only team that realistically has a chance of even challenging Liquid will be MIBR, and even then Liquid are still the favorites going into it. Liquid will without a doubt be in the LATAM major and will without a doubt be one of the biggest teams to watch out for

Faze Clan: 2nd Place, 14 Points

The only team this season that have been able to take down Liquid. Faze came into the season having acquired 4 out of 5 members from MIBR in the offseason and that recipe has been paying off as they have won nearly all of their games this season. Unlike Liquid though, Faze has been proven to be far more mortal than their standing would suggest. Faze has lost two games this season. Once to NiP in overtime so they walked away with points, and the other was to INTZ, the last place team in the region. That’s right Faze on the most recent playday lost to INTZ. Hopefully Faze learned from their mistake against INTZ, and will take their final two games seriously, especially as they end their season going against the resurgent FURIA.  

MIBR: 3rd Place, 12 Points

They lost most of their roster to Faze Clan before the season began, and picked up most of Team One’s roster in response. MIBR find themselves in third because none of MIBR’s games have gone to overtime. They’ve won four and lost two. The fact that MIBR have been able to always take max points in their wins is the reason why they’ve found themselves in contention for a spot at the major. MIBR have their work cutout for them this weekend as each game will be certainly harder than the last, as they face off against Team oNe, then Black Dragons, and then worst of all Team Liquid.

FURIA Esports: 4th Place, 11 Points

A Cinderella story if there ever was one in Rainbow Six Siege. This team was about to be relegated out of the pro scene last year. They came so close and just avoided that by a single round won. That is how close they came to losing everything. Since then though, FURIA have come back with a vengeance. They qualified for the Six Invitational of all things, and are now sitting for a top spot in the region. Fortunately for FURIA, out of all of their games this weekend the only one that they should be sweating will be their final game against Faze Clan.

Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP): 5th Place 11 Points

The runner-up to last year’s Six Invitational. It has been a rocky season for the Ninjas as they find themselves barely qualifying for the LATAM major at this time. They sit in fifth because a) they lost the head to head against FURIA, and b) FURIA has the rounds won advantage as well. The rounds won advantage is only +1, but FURIA out of all teams can tell you that every round counts in the LATAM scene. NiP have the chance to make up some ground this weekend but they have to make every game count as they only play twice this weekend. The first game against last place INTZ, and the second one will be against the more formidable Team oNe.  

Black Dragons e-Sports: 6th Place, 9 Points

Black Dragons have drawn the short stick for this upcoming weekend. Yes they’re currently qualified for the major, but that’s only by a single point, and are two behind NiP, so they need wins in regulation if they want to keep their spot. Yet they play all three days and have to go up against Team Liquid on the first, then MIBR on the second. They end their season going up against Santos so there’s room for damage control, but what will be left of BD as well as their chances of going to the major after going up against Liquid and MIBR remains to be seen.  

Team oNe: 7th Place, 8 Points

So close yet oh so far. Team oNe’s roster is very much the Frankenstein’s monster of teams. Almost every player on this roster that joined came from a different organization. Their current standing in 7th place should be evidence of that. Team oNe also have arguably the most brutal schedule this weekend. They play back to games on the first day, the first against FURIA, the second against MIBR. They then play against NiP to close out their season. Team oNe need every point they can get to leap past BD, but they’re going to be put through the ringer if they want that spot.  

W7M: 8th Place, 7 Points

W7M play two games this weekend. The first one will be up against Faze. The second one will be against INTZ. Faze have shown that they are mortal, and INTZ only have won on the entire season. It’s also worth reminding that BD and Team oNe have incredibly brutal and difficult games lined up this weekend. If there ever was a chance for W7M to sneak their way into 6th place as well as earn a spot at the major, now’s the time.  

Santos e-Sports: 9th Place, 5 Points

Santos is a team that should definitely be nervous. They only have one win this season…and that was against INTZ. They’re not in last place, but it’s a very real chance they will be. Therefore, relegations if they drop the ball this weekend. Not only that, but winning this weekend will be much easier said than done. They only get two games to play this weekend to try and cement their continued existence in the Brasileirão region, but they have Team Liquid and Black Dragons standing in their way. If there ever was a time for Santos to go all out, now’s the time.

INTZ: 10th Place, 3 Points. 

Look, INTZ have had a bad season, plain and simple. There best player has been sick the past several playdays which hasn’t helped their standings either  They do have the honor of having the first woman compete in the BR6 on their team, who was instrumental in their win over Faze. They only have won win, and it’s arguable that it shouldn’t have happened. Regardless INTZ are playing for pride and survival at this point. INTZ go up against NiP and W7M this weekend, and they’re going to need a repeat of their performance against Faze if they want to stay in the Brasileirão scene. But hey, when you’ve got nothing to lose, miracles can happen.


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