ESR Recommends: 8 Interesting and Peculiar Twitch Channels


The internet is great. It has given us a lot to watch and do. Sometimes you get those odd channels that make you wonder, why? Here are some of those channels!

Fish plays Pokémon / Fish plays Street Fighter

We’ve done it, folks! We’ve reached the pinnacle point of human evolution. Our pets can now play video games with us! Sounds strange, but it is true. In Fish Plays Pokemon/ Street Fighter there are fish swimming in tanks with sensors that are triggered as an in-game command option. Wherever they go they control their character without even knowing it. Fish Plays Street Fighter is the more competitively aggressive game with two fish going at it. Some may say it goes quite swimmingly. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to defeat those colorful clownfish unless it’s a Finding Nemo game or something…

Perception Check

Do you like Muppets? Do you like Dungeon and Dragons? Then you’ll love this. Perception check is the crossover channel that combines absurdity with childhood entertainment. This live sesame street D&D crossover is not what you would expect. These foul mouth puppets are anything but child-friendly. It’s really entertaining to watch them play D&D and really get into it. The actors mouthing the puppets are top-grade professionals and do a really convincing job.

Jack Dire

Jack Dire is one of those odd ones that you don’t see a lot of. Jack Dire streams a jar of peanut butter for hours. Fun stuff, right? But wait it gets better!. Now and then a bear comes along and tries to take the peanut butter. It is your job in the comment section to type “BEAR” when it does happen and save your peanut butter.


Otherwise known as his other online alias, FatBoi is a big hairy man who refuses to wear a shirt while playing Runescape. He dances, makes quirky comments, and always does odd things. His funny antics have made him gain over 6,000 followers. 


Ken is a quadriplegic gamer whose name suggests has no hands. Ken plays with voice input. Ken has been paralyzed from the neck down for 20 years. His inspirational story gives us hope of making the best of a bad situation.

Critter Vision

24/7 wildlife viewing camera of deer foxes, squirrels, in the backyard of a Lowcountry South Carolina home. Chris and Jane have been feeding the local wildlife for 19 years. They set up cameras in their backyard to capture the vastness of the natural wildlife roaming around. There are different camera locations. Multiple angles range from a wide-angle landscape lens or a critter close-up for those more detailed-oriented shots. If you have a critter vision question then ask it in the comment section and they will get back to you with the up-to-date facts.

Adorable Kittens

Is Critter Vision not adorable enough? Then you won’t have the same feeling here with Adorable kittens. A daily live stream of a bunch of friendly feline family members rolling around, playing, and eating. If there’s one thing that has remained consistent since the early days of the internet, it is the love of cats. Come watch them now!


Jayson is a gamer that like many of us wants to play as many games as possible. Jayson’s compulsive obsession with playing video games comes from his compulsive obsession with many years of drug use, specifically amphetamines. When Jayson started streaming he was on it most times while playing video games. He said the two were helping him from his chronic depression and a way to escape reality. It was only when he started to grow that he came clean about his story. Video games have served as the perfect coping mechanism to replace his long term addiction. Jayson’s story is uplifting and inspiring for those who were or still are in a dark place and need that shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.


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