ESR Survival Guide: Apex Legends; Part 1


Welcome back noobs! If this happens to be your first time here, welcome back noobs! Before we get into today’s survival guide, there’s some cool updates and info that I’d like to share with you guys. For those of you who are not familiar with this series of articles, here is where we break down the completely foreign language that is any pro esports broadcast. We break down any terms, strategies, metas, callouts, anything that you may hear over the course of an esports broadcast, we break it down and explain it in simple English, so you too can be playing like a pro. For those who are familiar with this series of articles, you’ll notice that it’s not for Rainbow Six Siege for once. We here at Esports Reporter are expanding this series to cover ALL of the pro scenes we talk about here. If you want to request any topic or term that you hear in a pro broadcast, you can check us out at @esportsreporter2020 on Instagram and @esportsreporter2020 on Twitter. Ask us there and it’ll be featured in an upcoming article in this series! That’s enough for the updates though, let’s get right into it!

Knock/Knocked-In Apex Legends whenever you down a player, you get the notification saying that you knocked down insert player name here. Whenever someone gets the knock on someone else, it means that they downed the other player. It’s important to remember that the downed player can still be revived by any of their teammates if they have any left, they’re not totally out just yet.  

Armor Swapping-In Apex Legends, like most battle royales a player who is fully out leaves behind their gear for the victor to claim. To the victor goes the spoils. Yet in Apex Legends the armor players where can be easily equipped and unequipped with a single button press. So when a player is in a really intense firefight it is significantly much more efficient to simply swap armor from another player’s death box than to put your weapon away, pull out a consumable to recharge your shields, wait the 5-10 seconds to recharge your shields, and then get back into the fight. So if a player is looking for the armor swap, they are looking to either get back in the fight asap or get the hell out of dodge and live to fight another day.  

Thirst/Thirsting-Get your minds out of the gutter for starters! Yet when someone is going for a thirst or is thirsting for a kill, it means that they are finishing off any downed player they can.  Why are they doing that you may ask? Because kills equal points, and points are everything. In the ALGS tournament for example, which is the biggest tournament for Apex Legends, placement doesn’t get you any more than 10 points. Kills on the other hand, not a down, a full on kill meaning the player is out, will earn one point. So at the highest levels of play, it is quite common for a team that didn’t win the game to earn more points than the team that actually finished first overall. So when a player is thirsting for a kill, it means that they’re trying to earn as many points as they can by fully finishing off the downed player even though they may not be a threat anymore.  

3rd party-This one is probably a bit obvious, but there are no stupid questions here. We’re all noobs and we’re all here to learn. 3rd partying is when a 3rd squad of players joins in on the fight between two other squads. If two squads are tearing each other apart and everyone still standing are very low on health, shields, ammo etc. it is not hard for a third squad at full health and ready to go to quickly finish off all the survivors of the first fight. That’s why squads are hesitant to initiate a fight or even 3rd party sometimes. If they aren’t able to decisively win the fight, and do it quickly, they are just asking to be 3rd partied.


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