ESR Survival Guide: Rainbow Six Pro League; Tricking for Treats


Welcome back noobs! Stage 2 of Rainbow Six Siege Pro League is kicking off in all regions and so are we here at ESR! We’re back into Rainbow Six Siege for this article, but don’t worry there will be more Apex Legends soon! Remember, if you want to request any topic or term that you hear in a pro broadcast, you can check us out at @esportsreporter2020 on Instagram and @esportsreporter2020 on Twitter. Ask us there and it’ll be featured in an upcoming article in this series! That’s enough waiting though, let’s get right into it!

Bandit Tricking

Ah good old Bandit tricking. One of the oldest tricks in the Siege playbook. Bandit as an operator would usually attach his batteries to whatever piece of metal utility like reinforced walls, barbed wire, or bulletproof shields. He would then go off and roam and do what Bandits do. However there are a million ways to get rid of a deployed and unattended Bandit battery like Thatcher EMP grenades, regular frag grenades, shooting them through the floor if able, etc. Bandit tricking is where the Bandit essentially camps at the reinforced wall and deploys his battery as any hard breach gadget is going off. Bandit puts down his batteries faster than any piece of hard breach can detonate, and when done properly a Bandit can destroy all pieces of hard breach utility. Bandit tricking is a very high risk, high reward style of play. It involves being right up close and personal with the enemy team as they try to blow up a steel wall. The Bandit player risks being shot by players who might be flanking him, catching a grenade through a drone hole, stunned by concussion grenades and many other ways the attackers can force Bandit away from the reinforced wall. The hard breach operator Maverick is also a full counter to Bandit tricking because he uses a blowtorch and therefore can just continue to cut away at the wall unless he gets shocked or shot at by the Bandit.

Kaid Tricking

If you aren’t ballsy enough to get up close and personal with the attacking team with Bandit, the next best option would be to Kaid trick. Kaid serves a similar denial role that Bandit has. Kaid’s electroclaws can be thrown from a distance and will electrify any metal object within range. The immediate benefits of doing this over Bandit tricking is: not having to be anywhere near the wall to suffer any potential counter plays, the ability to creatively hide/place the claws to prevent them from being destroyed as easily. Kaid can also use his claws to safely electrify hatches. Kaid tricking in essence is the same as Bandit tricking, where the Kaid player will place their electroclaw in the attempt to activate it before the hard breach gadget does. The very important caveat to this is that Kaid’s gadget activates much slower than Bandit’s batteries do, and will not activate before Thermite’s breaching charges. Kaid will be faster than Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets, but that requires the Kaid to be paying close attention to the reinforcements being breached.

Impact Tricking

If the Bandit or Kaid on your team has catastrophically failed at their job and the hard breach is going off, the final trick you can do as a player is impact trick. Impact grenades are small explosive devices that do about 20 points of damage, assuming you hit a player full on. Their primary purpose is to create holes through any soft surface and create new lines of sight and/or rotation holes. Impact tricking is where a player throws an impact grenade through a small hole usually above the reinforcement to try and hit either the floor beneath or the ceiling above the breaching gadget going off. If done right, the gadget will be caught in the explosive radius of the impact grenade and be destroyed, thus denying one of the most vital pieces of utility for the attackers.

Maverick Tricking

If you are so sick of all these different kinds of tricking that the defenders can do, well time to pull out the UNO reverse card of tricking. Maverick is the only hard breach attacker whose gadget is NOT remotely activated, and therefore is completely immune to Kaid and Bandit tricking. Getting hit by an impact grenade will definitely hurt, but that’s a waste of an impact grenade. Maverick tricking though, is where Maverick cuts along the top and bottom edges of a reinforced wall to completely remove the reinforcement entirely. The wall will still be intact, but now be soft leaving it free for any operator to blow open that wall with any bit of soft destruction utility they want. If Maverick cuts along all four edges of a hatch, the hatch will be completely destroyed.


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