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It was rush week in R6 Pro League…and no, this isn’t for a frat or sorority. Rush week means that regions had play-days back to back or with only a day or two worth of prep instead of the usual week. The pros are rushing because they’re trying to make up for lost time and the shortened season.  The pros aren’t slowing down and neither are we here at Esports Reporter, so let’s get into it with Playday #4 in the EUL.

As one empire rises, another must fall. That perfectly describes our first game of the week with Rogue vs. Team Empire. Team Empire came on the day with precisely zero wins on the season, Rogue on the other hand were coming in hot on a two game win streak. This match was played out on Clubhouse and it was truly a back and forth affair, yet in the end with the score tied at 5-5, Rogue were able to close out the game in regulation with their last two attacking rounds, winning the game 7-5. It has been a very painful fall from grace for Team Empire. This core roster once struck fear into the hearts of every pro team, being labeled the Russian Machine because of their ruthless efficiency. Now here they are yet to win a single game. On the other hand Rogue’s resurgence is genuine. The number one team from stage 1 last year seems to be back, though this wouldn’t be the best opponent to gauge that success.

Game 2 on the day saw NaVi face off against Virtus Pro, in what was the highlight barn burner game that needed all fifteen rounds to be decided. NaVi entered the day undefeated on the season, Virtus Pro on the other hand were struggling like their fellow countrymen from Team Empire, with their only overtime win coming from the game against Team Empire. Still Virtus Pro put up one hell of a fight against the red hot NaVi. Three of the five members of VP: Rask, miLoN, and P4sha putting up double digit kills, with the fourth, wTg putting up nine. Karzheka, the fifth and final member of VP had an abysmal game, with a 2-9 K/D ratio across fifteen rounds, and unfortunately for VP, NaVi had all five members stepping up this game.  Doki, the team’s dynamic entry player and one of the highest rated players in the league going into the day was the worst performer, yet he still had a very respectable 8-13 K/D by the time the dust settled. The story from this game is that everyone at NaVi is contributing, and that despite the overtime loss, VP still walked away with a point for their total, and when you’re around the bottom of the standings in the league, every single point will matter.

Game 3 was the day’s upset game in G2 Esports vs. Team Vitality. This game was between one of the top teams in the region in G2 facing off against Vitality, the team that is gunning for them with a real chance of usurping them. Both teams entered the day having suffered losses, G2 having been rocked by Team Secret all the way back in playday 1, and Vitality having suffered losses from BDS and Rogue, yet we know how well those two teams are doing right now. This game is the upset because, you guessed it, Vitality taking the win over G2 in overtime 8-6 on Clubhouse. You can tell it was going to be a good game though after the absolute clown car train crash that was the first round. 5 vs. 4 with twenty seconds left on the round, G2 is getting ready to execute onto the site. P4 of Vitality, blows up his own teammate Shinka with a nitro cell. G2 executes onto the site taking out two more members of Vitality, leaving Biboo, the team captain the last man alive in a 1v5 situation. It was a 1v5 situation for all of less than half a second as CTZN from G2, decides to copy the example set by P4, and shoots his teammate UUNOMEISTER in the head during the site execute, bringing it down to a 1v4. Biboo then rotates through the bombsite, killing three members of G2, two of which were trying to plant the bomb defuser as the clock goes to down to four seconds. Biboo despite taking some damage from the last member of G2 waits behind cover and lets the clock expire, clutching what was essentially a 1v5 scenario, and setting the tone for the rest of this wild match going forward. Despite the score, fourteen out of fifteen round total rounds were needed, and every member of both teams contributed. Yet when UUNOMEISTER, the IGL and mainly support player is both the top fragger for G2 as well as the only member with a positive K/D rating on the day, it’s not that hard to see how Vitality took the win. The story worth remembering here is that Vitality are here to play, and they’re coming to shake up the top of the leaderboard in EUL.

Game 4 we move on to BDS vs Team Secret and this is where we went from actual games to one team showing up to bully the other team. BDS entered the day just like NaVi, undefeated, while Team Secret were coming in with only one win on the season so far. Not the best start to their season, yet it’s still early and their win did come against regional titans G2. This “game” took place on Oregon with Team Secret getting the favored side of defense to start and BDS on attack. It’s very hard to say this was BDS vs Team Secret and not Shaiiko and Renshiro vs Team Secret. All five members of Team Secret totaled twenty-five kills by the end of the game. Shaiiko and Renshiro combined for twenty-four kills, with both of them breaking double digits with Renshiro at an incredibly 14-5 K/D and Shaiiko with an also impressive 10-5 K/D. The story to take away from this game was BDS doing BDS things and winning.

Our final game of Day 4 ended with Cowana vs. Trainhard. Both of these teams entered this game having just been embarrassed the previous playday with 7-1 losses; Cowana losing against G2 and Trainhard losing against BDS.  So both teams entered the lobby looking to avoid a repeat of the previous playday. Cowana however learned from their mistakes against G2, and decided to one up that score line. Cowana absolutely ended Trainhard and earned the first flawless victory of the season in all of EUL, winning 7-0. There’s not much more to say on that front other than Cowana were just better than Trainhard in everything. All five Trainhard players combined for a total of eight kills. Gorgona and Sloth both broke double digit kills, with the next highest number of kills being seven from Grizzle.  Gorgona had such a good game he only died once in that entire game, was one of three members of Cowana that had a 100% KOST rating, and was even so bold to bully Trainhard with a Blitz. Three members with a 100% KOST is truly mind boggling efficient, the Blitz operator pick from Cowana is just salt in the wound for Trainhard. It’s hard to say what the storyline here is because the game was over so quickly, it was a truly weird way to end Playday #4 in the EUL.


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