EUL Rush Week Playday 5


Day 5 was a lot to take in but, to be fair, the pros only got three days’ worth of prep time beforehand. Some of these teams were dealing with crushing losses and others only needed to iron out the kinks in their game plans before they’d be able to win. For some teams, it was just another day at the office. Yet it was a new day with new games, so let’s see how they all panned out!

The leadoff game saw Cowana square off against a crumbling Team Empire. A quick recap saw Cowana bully Trainhard in a flawless 7-0, while Team Empire fell short against Rogue 7-5. The leadoff game took place on Kafe Dostoyevsky with Cowana starting on the defense. Unfortunately for Cowana, Team Empire put up a bigger fight than Trainhard did. They managed to win one round! And that was all they managed to win Cowana has a talent for bullying the teams doing worse than them, specifically Sloth who went big on the day finishing with a 12-6 K/D, the best in the lobby.  The story here is quite simply: what happened to Team Empire? No matter what they seem to do, or who they seem to play against they can’t seem to find a win against anybody so far and after playday five are sitting well and truly in last place in the EUL with only one point, while Cowana elevates themselves to solid fifth place with nine points, only one point behind G2 in fourth. 

Another team that’s good at bullying the teams ranked below them is Rogue. That’s the easiest way to describe the next game of Rogue vs. Team Secret on Clubhouse. Rogue began the game on defense while Team Secret started on attack. One does really start to wonder what happened to the Team Secret that stunned the world with an upset win over G2 in playday number one because their losses have only gotten progressively worse. After their first and only win against G2, they’ve lost 7-4 against Trainhard, 7-3 against NaVi, 7-2 against BDS, and now 7-1 against Rogue.  Gomfi, an entry fragger for Team Secret had a horrific outing ending the day with a 1-6 K/D ratio and a lobby worst 50% KOST rating. There’s an argument to be made that Rogue’s win streak is only because they’ve been facing middle to bottom of the pack teams since playday two, but for now Rogue go up to four wins in a row and are looking just fine with a solid third place standing and 11 points in the league. Meanwhile Team Secret falls to ninth place with only 3 points; second to last, last being Team Empire.

Oh boy, we knew this game was going to be a good one: BDS vs. NaVi. It was only a matter of time before these two teams faced off.  One of them was going to lose their undefeated streak and this game did not disappoint. This showdown happened on Oregon with NaVi beginning on the defense, while BDS started on attack. NaVi would eventually win this game 8-6 in overtime yet don’t let the score deceive you. By the end of this game, three players on EACH team had double digit kills, with Blurr from NaVi in particular earning a staggering 17-8 K/D on the day, with an 86% KOST, and a 1.21 Kills per round (KPR). Despite the loss, BDS still walked away with one point and sit in second place to NaVi only because of the first tiebreaker rule, the head to head. The head to head tiebreaker goes in favor of whichever team won when they faced off against each other. In this case, it’s NaVi so NaVi sit at number one for now with 13 points the BDS boys literally right behind them at number two, also with 13 points. 

Game number four saw Virtus Pro go up against Team Vitality. These two teams entered the day as our middle of the pack teams, so if they wanted any chance of staying out of the bottom or any hope to climb their way into the top four, they needed every point they can get. This game was even closer than the BDS and NaVi game because we needed all fifteen rounds for this overtime game on Kafe Dostoyevsky. The community before the game even predicted it would be a close one, it was a split 50/50 with 50% of the poll saying Vitality would win while the other 50% gave the win to VP. After fifteen grueling rounds, Vitality took the win and the two points 8-7 over Virtus Pro, though there is a lot to be proud about on both teams. Three members of Virtus Pro once again finished with double digit kills this time however it was Karzheka stepping up to the plate instead of m1Lon, yet Vitality were just a little bit better with four of their members breaking that double digit K/D ratio. It’s important to remind people that Siege is a game where kills and K/D don’t tell the whole story. After the dust settled from these two teams absolutely pummeling each other, Vitality sit in sixth place overall in the league with 8 points, yet that’s only one point behind Cowana, and two points away from G2 in fourth place, so despite the standing Vitality are still very much a contender for one of the coveted top four spots.             

Once again we end the playday with the Trainhard game and, unfortunately for the French team, they were playing against G2 Esports on Villa with G2 getting the start on defense. The final score was 7-3 in favor of G2 but I would argue that score line hides some much bigger troubles brewing at Trainhard. Only one member of the entire team had a positive K/D on the day. That player was Chaoxys and he finished with a 10-8 K/D ratio which is respectable, and there’s always the argument that kills aren’t everything in Siege, yet his teammates finished 6-7, 5-10, 3-9, and 4-10. Something clearly isn’t working within the French roster and it remains to be seen what can be done to right the ship, and as a result fall to 8th place within the EUL. G2 despite the win find themselves sitting in fourth place with 10 points, yet that’s only one behind 3rd and one ahead of 5th, so there can be no room for complacency. This brought an end to playday number 5 and Rush Week in the EUL.


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