Fortnite Turned These Gamers into eSports Stars


When it comes to video games, no one takes it more seriously than gamers however, most parents fear their child spends too much time playing video games. For many, playing video games is only a hobby, but for teen gamers, it is not just a game, it is a lifestyle. Thanks to video games, some gamers have managed to make that hobby into a profession. It seems too good to be true however, with the rise of games such as Fortnite, more and more gamers are reaching new opportunities to play video games competitively as a living and get paid.  

Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha)

Kyle Giersdorf or just Bugha as his online alias states was just one out of a million contestants competing to win the Fortnite World Cup for the solo round.  In 2019 at only 16 years old his victory received massive coverage in the media is not just because of his age but also because it was the largest payout to a single player in eSports competition. Kyle can also be found on his YouTube and Twitch gaming channels under the alias Bugha, where he streams his Fortnite games to millions of followers.  

David Wang (Aqua) and  Emil Bergquist Pedersen (Nyhrox) 

David Wang from Austria and Emil Bergquist Pedersen from Norway were just 16 and 17 when the pair entered the duos Fortnite champion and won. David Wang from Austria and Emil Bergquist from Norway meet online through the gaming community. Their first tournament win was in tenth place and they won 2,000. Their biggest win was 3 million dollars at the same  Fortnite World Cup as Buggha but in the Duos round.   Strangely enough, after their win, David wanted to end his partnership despite winning the finals. The reason was David wanted to speak to a teammate who spoke German because that is his native tongue and easier for his thought process to work than English. 

Harrison Chang (Psalm) 

One of the oldest Fortnite players in the Fortnite world cup on the list, 24-year old Harrison Chang may not have had speed, but he made up for it in experience. Chang dropped out of UCLA to pursue a full-time gaming career. His valiant efforts paid off when he finished second in the solo tournament right behind Bugha. Although he is a millionaire professional gamer, Chang’s parents still wish he was a doctor. 

Shane Cotton (Epikwhale)

Shane Cotton was just an average 17-year-old who was only playing Fortnite for about a year when he placed 3rd in the Fortnite World Cup singles competition, winning 1.2 million dollars. Shane has always had a problem-solving mindset. When he was just a kid he would solve the Rubix cube in about 30 seconds. Fortnite is a game like that in this regard you have to think of your next three moves before anyone else. Epikwhale’s biggest match in the world cup was the 6th and final round of the competition. Before that, he was in the top 10. After that, he placed number 3 for the final score.  

Thiago “King” Lapp

Hailing from Argentina, King was one of the youngest gamers in the Fortnite tournament to place high up on the leaderboards.King was just 13 years old when he placed 5th place netting him 900,000 dollars. King just qualified for the competition since 13 years old is the minimum age limit to enter. When he’s not competing in tournaments you can find him on Twitch where he has 2 million followers. He streams every day for at least 4 hours under his verified account @k1ng

Jaden Ashman (Wolfiez)

UK’s biggest Fortnite player was just 15 when he placed second in the Duos category with his partner winning 2.25 million between the two. Jaden set a Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to win $1 million at a single event.  His win got him a lot of attention around the world and he signed a contract with Excel Esports, a British Esports team that plays mainly Fortnite, League of Legends, and Valorant. 


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