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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new short series of articles here at Esportsreporter. As we’re coming to the end of Stage 3 in the 2021 season, there is the reality of relegations that need to be addressed. As a quick note, APAC has a slightly different format for relegations than the other three regions, but we’ll get to that in the APAC article. Relegations in Siege is where the last-place team in the respective region loses their spot at the top level. Now it’s not last place in the current stage. Like I said in an ESR Survival Guide, the points are cumulative, meaning the team that has the lowest total points after all three stages takes that dreaded Relegations spot. That organization/roster is then relegated to that region’s challenger league where they will have to fight it out in Challenger League next year for a chance to make a return to the Pro Level. Think of it as the minor leagues in any sport. They need to win in the minors to compete with the big boys in pro league. Now the team that takes last place in EU, NA, and Brasilerao, that’s the end of the line for them. No second chances, no do-overs, your time in pro league is over. Now a player may get picked up by a different roster and be able to compete, but whatever roster they were a part of is out. The team that takes place 2nd to last place now that’s where things get interesting. As I stated the last place pro team gets auto-relegated, conversely the FIRST place Challenger league team gets auto-promoted to the pros. Congrats to them they earned it. The Challenger league team that takes 2nd place will face off against the 2nd to last place Pro team in a best of 5 winner takes all match where the winner gets the final spot in next year’s professional scene. Relegations dictate the next year of these players’ lives so you can be damn sure that they’re going to give it everything they’ve got. With that intro out of the way, let’s observe the teams that are most likely going to be within those dreaded relegations spots in EU.

Heroic-As of this article, Heroic’s fate is sealed. There’s no way they can mathematically fight their way out of last place. It was an incredibly trying year for the boys with Heroic. For starters, they certainly didn’t the start the year as Heroic. This roster has been Tempra, then TrainHard, then uNKnights, then Heroic. This roster lost their organization twice, and are now about to be relegated out of Pro League. It’s hard not to feel sorry for them but across three stages of Playdays, they only managed 4 wins total, one of which came in overtime. The reality of the situation is that someone was going to come in last place and be relegated, and this time it’s Heroic.

Team Secret-With Heroic confirmed going home, someone has to battle it out with a team from Challenger League. Rogue have had an absolutely incredible 3rd stage and find themselves currently battling for a spot at the Sweden Major. Because of this incredible resurgence from Rogue, they have shot themselves solidly into 8th place and out of relegations. The team left in 9th place is Team Secret. Now unlike Heroic who changed organizations several times, Team Secret have made an unbelievable amount of roster changes this year. Only two members have remained from the starting five they entered the 2021 season with. It takes a solid stage or 2 of play for a team to begin to gel together and that’s assuming it has only been one roster change. Changing three players will no doubt cause some growing pains for Team Secret and their final placement in 9th shows that. It’s not the end of the world though for the boys with Team Secret. They need to win in that best of five against the Challenger League runner-up’s. Let’s hope Team Secret will have finally settled down and begin to play as a team by the time relegations come around, if not then they can say goodbye to Pro League.


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