My Strange Addiction: Risk of Rain 2, an Amazingly Brutal Game


If I offered to shove your face through thirty-seven panes of glass but give you some amazing drugs to clear the pain away right after you start to scream in agony, would you take the deal? Because I did.

Welcome one and welcome all to my review of Risk of Rain 2. I only recently started binge-playing this game on both PC and PS5, but it was surprisingly released almost two years ago. Why I hadn’t heard of the game before this month, I haven’t the slightest clue. The game is a beauty. I’m head over heels for it. I’d put a ring on its finger and a baby-

That was starting to get weird. I’ll get back on track.

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Risk of Rain 2 is a level-based shoot-em-up/beat-em-up/blow-em-up/murder-them game where you get to play a wide variety of killing machines. The objective is to slaughter hordes of enemies in search of teleporters on each level. After completing 5 stages, you’ll progress to the final world where you attempt to slay the final boss of the game. Don’t worry though, because there is a PLETHORA of shit you can do on your way there.

The beginning of the game starts with you, a member of Space FedEx, crash landing on one of a few random stages. You escape your pod and are immediately thrust into chaos. Enemies begin to spawn everywhere and it seems your only option is to fend for yourself. Using your weapon of choice, you start to obliterate the masses, gaining gold along the way. You can happen upon cannisters of money to gain gold too. The enemies are seemingly endless, but thankfully you can spend your gold on scattered item chests and shops which offer wares to boost your damage and inherent skills. You can also repair random robots for gold. These buddies will either heal you or help you fight, there’s strength in numbers after all.

Oh, did I mention that the difficulty is constantly increasing?

(Basically, your difficulty will increase in time increments, and will just exponentially increase once you reach the highest difficulty. There are also difficulty modifiers you can apply before you begin the game. Keep an eye on your difficulty as you’re playing, before you find yourself in end-game difficulty way before you’re prepared.)

As you get stronger (or start to run low on chests to open) you will need to look for the teleporter. Once you find it, you activate it and defend it until it is charged to completion. This will spawn many more waves of enemies as well as boss monster(s). Kill the bosses and you get some free items. Rinse and repeat until you get to Sky Meadow, the fifth stage. Here you’ll eventually find the final teleporter which will take you to Commencement. This is the absolute final stage where you will go head-to-head with the very kind and absolutely not f***ed up endgame boss, Mythrix. Beating him, after 4 grueling stages of the fight, will cause the world to collapse. You”ll have to beat a timer and reach your exfiltration ship, which is conveniently all the way across the map, past damaging explosions and big ass monsters. Reach the ship, and you win. The end.

Now that the summary is over, lemme get into the details that caused my inevitable infatuation with this masterpiece of a game.


Risk of Rain 2 offers a small variety of customizations for each individual character. You can swap out almost all of your skills on every character (after completing challenges to unlock both the skills and characters). These skills can wildly differ from one another or just alter the properties a little. By beating the game on the hardest difficulty with a character, you’ll unlock an alternate skin for them. However, this isn’t the customization I’m talking about, persay.

This game has a metric f*** ton of items. There are so many items you can come across, and they have a wide array of effects on you. Just take a look at the video below:

There are 117 items, not including scrap items. These 117 items are divided into 6 groups based off of rarity or method of acquisition. Some are boss drops, some are equipment, some only spawn from specific chests, and some are just run of the mill random chance drops. Items can also stack, meaning that the bonus each item gives will increase with each additional acquisition. Each character has a different optimal build, but you can also vary your build to achieve different playstyles. The possibilities aren’t necessarily endless, but there are more than enough to keep you entertained.


In Risk of Rain 2, you can play with up to 3 friends. This is not only ridiculously fun, but it adds an extra challenge. While it’s typical for games to increase your difficulty scaling with each additional player, it’s another thing entirely to have to share so little loot with all of your friends. You may find your item inventory to be quite sparse on some stages, especially if a friend is playing a zippy ass character and running around opening all the chests. If you’re reading this, you know who you are.


The ability to play games with your friends is always an added bonus, if you have friends. However there’s something just extra satisfying about it in this game. Mid to late game builds start to look REALLY flashy, and seeing all of that chaos on your screen just really drives the game home. It’s beautiful carnage.


When it comes to games that aren’t story-driven, I have a harsh preference towards those with re-playability. I love a good one-shot game, but games that remain fun after 1,000 hours of play are quite special to me. Fortunately for me, this game is exactly that. I’ll find myself hopping on it in the middle of the day, just to test something out. Sometimes just to screw around and see how dumb my build can get before I get murdered by hordes of Elder Lemurians.

Risk Of Rain Risk Of Rain2 GIF - RiskOfRain RiskOfRain2 ElderLemurian GIFs

All in all, this game is an absolute delight to play for someone like me. It’s super versatile, unrelenting, and (most importantly) flashy. I’ll probably be playing the crap out of it for God knows how long.

OH and there’s also new DLC dropping this year, likely in response to to sudden surge of new players throughout the pandemic.

Hopoo Games will be releasing an anniversary update in March and a paid expansion in the 4th quarter of the year. If you decide to get this game, or if it’s been collecting dust in your digital library, I highly encourage you to get your bloodlust going. This game is fun as hell.

The roadmap for the updates are below:


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