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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back!  If you’ve been following this recap series of articles, last time we covered the teams that came away from the major looking great. I also said it last time, but if you haven’t seen any of the games yet, what’re you doing here?  There are some seriously good games to go watch. But here at Esportsreporter, we got you covered, so consider that the SPOILER warning. Now here in this article, we’re going to discuss all the teams that fell short of everyone’s expectations and got absolutely smacked around in Mexico.  So let’s get right into it!

NiP-We can’t discuss a disappointing team without instantly thinking about the current world champs NiP. Let me clarify, these guys were the favorites to win the whole damn Major. They were the number one team coming from Latin America, they had won the Stage 2 Copa Elite Six, and just a friendly reminder ARE THE CURRENT WORLD CHAMPIONS. Yet the whole Siege world was stunned when NiP got eliminated in the group stages!  They only won two maximum overtime games in all of the group stages. They lost to an upstart team in DWG Kia from the APAC region in a classic David vs. Goliath matchup. Look there is no easy way to explain what happened and what went wrong for the World Champions. I’m also sure that no one is more disappointed in their performance than themselves. But they were the favorites for a reason, and they blew it big time. That’s why NiP takes a spot on this list of Mexico Major Losers. 

Team BDS Esports-You’re probably wondering why a team that placed 3rd/4th is on this list of losers. To their credit, BDS were one of the better teams at this major, their final placement is evidence to that fact. It also doesn’t change the fact that they have arguably one of the most complete and terrifying lineups in all of Rainbow Six Siege. Yet they take a spot on the losers list because they still are the bridesmaid every single time. They took 2nd place in EUL Stage 1, 4th in Stage 2, a 3rd/4th place finish in Mexico, and a 7th/8th place finish at SI. Look those are all impressive finishes, but the fact remains, BDS can not and have not won anything. They’re an incredibly good team, the results show that, but good is not good enough because they come so close yet have not gotten it across the finish line. There’s no doubt that the boys at BDS are frustrated at the lack of 1st place wins, but something has got to change. There’s no easy answer to what, but something has to change going forward if BDS ever wants to be the team that lifts up the trophy at the end of it all.  Yet they haven’t and that’s why they earn a spot on the list of losers. 

G2 Esports-You never would have guessed that G2 Esports used to be the most dominant team the R6 world has ever seen. Not just dominant, they were a dynasty. But alas how far the mighty have fallen. To be fair, G2 Esports earned their spot at the major, just like everybody else. But they never showed up to play. They won a grand total of four games and finished last place in their group every single day.  It’s a shame to see G2 in this state, especially when you compare the current form to their glory days.  But that was then, and this is now.  They just looked lost.  They couldn’t win in a group that consisted of an upstart DWG Kia from APAC, a shockingly struggling NiP, and the decent team of DarkZero.  Like their fellow EU rivals in BDS something has to change.  Yet unlike BDS they have already made significant roster changes, and still are not producing the results that are historically expected.  That is why G2 Esports earns the final spot on this loser’s list for the Mexico Major.  


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