R6:Siege Pro League Survival Guide; Part 3


Welcome back noobs! Don’t worry, we’ve gotten all the boring mandatory stuff out of the way in the last article. Now we can start talking about the fun stuff. This is also where the game does start to sound like a completely different language, but we’ll worry about that later. In this article we’re going to start talking about the various roles that players can have in any typical game of siege. Let’s get started!

Ash/Jäger Main– For those who haven’t played Siege, you’ll hear this phrase get thrown around a lot. An Ash/Jäger mains is someone who excels at one thing, shooting the enemy team in the head. Siege is full of interesting combos, strategies, and little nuances that make it unique, yet Ash on Attack and Jäger on Defense are the quintessential reminder that this game is a shooter. Ash and Jäger are two operators that have existed since the game has launched and have never left the spotlight at any level of Siege. They’re considered the no-brain operators because of their easy to use gadgetry and easily some of the best weapons in the entire game available at their disposal. Ash has a breaching round launcher that can turn any wall into a doorway, and Jäger has several place and forget trophy systems, place it down and you can stop worrying about grenades now.  


Frags/Entry Fragger– No I don’t mean the grenade. A frag is a kill, plain and simple. You can get frags in Siege in a variety of ways including but not limited to: bullets, breaching charges, frag grenades, C4 explosives, toxic gas, laser shocks, bear traps minus the jagged teeth, door mounted trip mines, fire, and my own personal favorite a sledgehammer to any part of the body. So if someone is fragging out, it means they’re more or less wiping the entire enemy team out singlehandedly. An entry fragger is the member of the team whose job it is to get those kills right from the start.  These are the people playing Ash and Jäger. They’re the players with the best aim, reaction time, etc. Put a good gun in their hand and let them loose on the enemy team.

Hard Breach– Ok this is where things might get a bit confusing. Unlike games like Call of Duty where a standard airplane can withstand an entire onslaught from an AC-130, in R6 Siege the walls, floors, and ceiling are all destructible. To make it somewhat safer for themselves, defenders will reinforce walls and hatches at the start of every round with steel reinforcements making them completely indestructible to bullets and most explosives. This is where the hard breach comes in. The hard breach operators currently in the game are Thermite, Hibana, Maverick, and Ace. 


There are secondary gadgets that other operators can use, but these are nowhere near as efficient/effective. Normally the support player will be the one on the hard breach role, and it’s their job to get rid of these reinforcements so the remaining attackers can start making/using brand new angles and lines of sight on the defenders. Each hard breach operator is different with their own pros and cons. Thermite places his exothermic charges on the wall, hits the pretty red button, and you’ve got a really big freaking hole coming right up. Yet Thermite has to get up close to the wall to place his charges, and his gun is just ok. Maverick on the other hand only has a blow torch to work with so he still has to get up close and get creative, yet having a great gun, frag grenades, and the only counter against him is shooting him, there’s a lot of upside there. At the end of the day though, all hard breach is the same, their job is to destroy anything that is reinforced.

Soft Breach- Yup, we all saw this coming. Soft breach is a thing too.  The only difference between soft and hard breaching is that hard breaching can destroy wall reinforcements, while soft breaching would just be impossible to utilize against it.  In Siege, it is considered a huge waste for hard breach operators to use their gadgets on non-reinforced parts of the map. That’s where soft breach operators come in. They are operators who excel at blowing holes open in every other part of the map that wasn’t reinforced at the beginning of the round. Operators like Buck, Sledge, and Zofia all have their gadgets that can help remodel the map in favor of the attackers, and occasionally (hopefully) the enemy team with their gadgets.


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