Six Invitational Aftermath; Where We Stand


The 2021 Six Invitational has ended, the dust has now settled, new kings sit atop the throne, and the coveted hammer has finally been taken to LATAM. The Six Invitational is usually a good showing of the ever evolving landscape within the Rainbow Six Pro community, as well as a time to see new up and coming stars break through onto the biggest stage. In this article I’m going to be breaking down the biggest takeaways from this tournament as well as the potential implications, ramifications, and changes that we’ll see going forward into the next stage of the year. 

LATAM Reigns Supreme

You’d be forgiven if you thought you thought you watched another Copa Elite Six instead of the Six Invitational. Ninjas in PYJAMAS, FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Furia Esports, MIBR, and Team One all made it into the playoff stage of the tournament. Team Liquid and NiP were the finalists for crying out loud. LATAM has always been seen as the region that relied on pure and raw game skill without a lot of strategy in these international events. That’s no longer true as they bullied almost every other team from other regions out of the tournament. The future is bright.

EU Crashing

If LATAM is doing so well that means other regions are suffering. NA had a decent showing this tournament with teams like OXG and TSM carrying the torch through the upper brackets. APAC has always struggled on the biggest of international stages and they also came into this tournament missing one of their teams due to COVID restrictions. The big surprise was that established EU teams were performing very poorly. MKERS is a tier 3 team and not even a part of the pro circuit and they did incredible. They made it to the playoffs of the Invitational, which is just incredible. Team Empire who let me remind you finished second to last in the first stage of this season, also did incredibly well in the tournament. JoyStiCK, the Russian Cyborg himself was the highest rated player in the entire tournament by a country mile and it was really nice to see the old Team Empire return. The black sheep of EU though, has to be the former world champions themselves G2 Esports. G2 lost the majority of their group stage games, and then were out embarrassingly quick in the first round of playoffs to the tier 2 team of Parabellum. It has been a long and very hard fall from their world championship run two years ago and it remains to be seen what G2 can do to stop the bleeding.  

Who you calling Amateur?

The last big takeaway from this tournament has to be the unbelievable level of play from amateur level teams against the best teams and organizations in the world. I’m talking about the Canadian team of Parabellum Esports and the Italian team of MKERS. I know you’re probably sick of hearing me bring up these teams but I really can’t understate how impressive it was seeing both of these teams make it to the playoffs of the Invitational. MKERS is a tier 3 team. That means they weren’t even in the EU Challenger League to try and compete for a pro level spot at the end of the season. They were two steps below actual pro teams and were beating them soundly in the tournament. If that’s not impressive I don’t know what is. Parabellum Esports also have a very incredible story. This roster formed the Altiora team last year back when there was a Canadian division. They fought their way through the qualifier tournament and won their spot to go the Invitational. In January it was announced that SI was going to be delayed due to COVID travel restrictions. Then the Altiora organization left the pro R6 scene entirely. In less than four weeks this core group of players lost their jobs and saw their opportunity to amaze the world with their skill go up in smoke. Then The coach was accused of inappropriate relations with a minor while one of their players was banned from Rainbow Six due to cheating. The blows kept coming against this group of guys and despite all of that, they persevered. Despite all the odds, they made it farther than anyone expected them too and showed the world that they belonged there. And with that, that concludes the biggest storylines from this years most recent Six Invitational!


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