Six Invitational Who’s Who: EUL


Welcome ladies and gentleman! Here in this short series of articles. I’m going to be covering all of the teams who will be competing in the upcoming Six Invitational. I’m going to be doing this region by region, covering where each team comes from, the roster of players competing (though it may be different than the roster who qualified the team), as well as the how they qualified and lastly how they did in the most recent stage of competition. Please take all of this with a grain of salt, as anything can happen at the Invitational, combo that with the necessary changes to the schedule and format as a result of the pandemic. That’s enough formalities though. Let’s get started with the teams that are coming to us from the EUL!

BDS Esports: France

  • Roster: Shaiiko, Elemzje, BriD, RaFaLe, Renshiro
  • How They Got Here: 900 SI points, 1st globally. How they finished last stage: 2nd
  • One of the most dominant teams on the planet. BDS Esports will be one of the front runners to watch out for and favorites to win the whole tournament. If this team shows up and plays to the caliber that they’ve proven they can play at, woe to the teams who stand in their way.  

G2 Esports: EU

  • Roster: Kantoraketti, UUNO, CTZN, Virtue, Kayak
  • How They Got Here: 530 SI points, 15th Globally. How they finished last stage: 5th
  • The most decorated team in all of R6 Esports, it’s been a shaky few months for the usually dominant G2. A team full of veterans, with the experience on the biggest of stages, they have reached the summit. G2 are going to need to straighten out any lingering consistency issues if they want to see themselves regain the title of World Champions.

Virtus Pro: Russia

  • Roster: wTg, Rask, p4sh4, m1loN, karzheka
  • How They Got Here: 660 SI points, 10th Globally. How they finished last stage: 6th
  • A team that has always tasted greatness but never been able to reach the summit. VP are a very capable team, yet they also seemed to be the bridesmaid, always being near the top, yet never cementing themselves at number 1. After a rocky stage 1, maybe the pressure of SI might give this team the final kick to reach that coveted number 1, but this time, number 1 in the world.

Team Empire: Russia

  • Roster: ShepparD, JoyStiCK, Scyther, Dan, Always
  • How They Got Here: 625 SI Points, 12th Globally. How they finished last stage: 9th
  • Yikes.  This has been a very bad fall from grace this past stage for Team Empire. They actively struggled throughout the season, and there’s a lot going wrong that the team just hasn’t been able to fix. They were once the most feared team on the planet, and it’s been a long, hard, and painful fall to the bottom. Yet with nothing to lose and everything on the line, there’s no better stage to step up and remind the world why they all rightfully feared the name Team Empire

Mkers: Italy

  • Roster: Lollo, Gemini, Scatto, Aqui, Sasha
  • How They Got Here: European Qualifier
  • The wildcard from the EU region. Mkers beat out pro level teams Team Secret, Tempra Esports, and NaVi to win the qualifier. They tested their metal against by definition higher caliber players to win a shot at the Six Invitational. Yet the Six Invitational is a whole other league than just a regional qualifier. They defied the odds once before though, let’s see if they can do it again.

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