The Top eSports Tournaments in the World to Start Watching


Sports are an intricate part of society. Soccer, baseball, and basketball are some of the biggest sports in the world to which billions of fans tune in. Today the same can be said about eSports. Like sports, there are events held annually and virtually where multiple teams from around the world compete for number one spots. There are many tournaments and many types of video games depending on the audiences out there. Small local tournaments are a stepping stool for the bigger international ones. Bigger tournaments mean bigger competition, bigger audiences, and bigger prizes. As eSports grow, so do the cash prizes. In some tournaments, gamers can win hundreds of thousands of dollars. In some cases, millions. 

Here are some of the biggest eSports tournaments that you can watch from the sidelines:

FIFAe Club World Cup 

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport everyone’s heard of FIFA and played the soccer video games surrounding it. Since 2004 FIFA has been holding online tournaments called FIFA eSports. To play you must register your team on FIFA.GG.Each team is matched with other regional teams and the best one’s advance to a bigger stage. The 2021 FIFA World Cup will be held in December in Japan. 

Fortnite World Cup Champion 

Everyone’s heard of Fortnite, the game has 250 million registered players and about 40 million of them participated in online qualifiers for the World Cup according to Epic Games. In July 2019 the first Fortnite World Cup was held where a 16-year-old, Kyle Giersdorf won 3 million dollars. Kyle beat over 40 million players online where it was narrowed down to 100 participants in Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York claiming his final victory. 

EVO Championship 

The Evolution Championship series otherwise known as EVO is the largest annual Esports event primarily focused on fighting games such as Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros, and Mortal Kombat. Evo started in 1996 when the internet was starting to grow. People from around the world wanted to see who was the best street fighter so it turned into a tournament of 40 people. In 2004 they switched from arcade machines to gaming consoles this made it easier for more people to participate. The tournament had over 700 participants from 30 countries in 9 different games. From 2005 and onward the event will continue to be held in various Las Vegas casinos. To help EVO grow, Capcon would put in 1,000 bucks to the prize pool in 2006. Today there are thousands of entries with tons of fighting games and large cash prizes. 

League of Legends World Championship

League of Legends also abbreviated for LOL is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) similar to World of Warcraft. Released in 2009 tournaments are organized by the game developer Riot Games. 

In LOL two teams of five face off to destroy the other team’s base. The map is divided into two halves so each team gets a territory to defend and attack. Games can last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. 

Professional tournaments started in 2011 in Jönköping, Sweden. The grand prize is the Summoner’s Cup (which weighs nearly 70 pounds) and a large cash prize. 

Dota 2- The International 

Dota 2 is a strategy-based game like chess and soccer and the playing field is similar to World of Warcraft. PLayers act according to the specific strategy that each game requires. You are on a small team of people that strategizes to destroy the enemy’s ancient structure that is located in their stronghold. To achieve this goal the players must work together as a team. Due to numerous types of abilities with many playable characters the game is more tactical in choosing the right combo to win. 

Dota 2: The International is one of the biggest eSport tournaments with the biggest cash prizes. 25.5 million dollars was the grand prize pool with 11 million going to the first place winner and 65,000 the last place finalist. Since 2013 the international has been crowdfunded by battle passes with 25% of funds going to the pool prize. The international has the largest single-person prize pool than any other Esports event. In 2019 the prize pool was over 34 million dollars.


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